UAHS '67
55th Reunion, July 4th Weekend, 2022. Details here.

Class Party
50th Reunion Memories

Our 50th Reunion was a blast! We have the pre-party photos, the photobooth pics and the party candids.

What a fun time! The food, the band, the decorations, the company... it couldn't have been better. Thanks to all who attended, participated, donated and wished us well.

You can upload your pictures to the UA'67 Facebook site. You'll find lots more pictures and videos there already.

146 attended the pre-party, and 193 attended the reunion party. In case you're wondering, the UA'67 class numbered a little over 600.


Thanks to the reunion party proceeds and some generous donations, we've been able to cover expenses and set aside a little for the next party (70th birthday party, anyone?). We've also donated $2,000 to the Upper Arlington Education Foundation on behalf of the Class of 1967.

2017 July 4 Parade

Class of '67 2017 Float

Bruce Frank, Marilyn Frank, Fred Schroeder and their crew spent countless hours lining up the hardware and software, setting up the sound equipment, planning the playlist, designing and crafting the structure, applying the decorations, and rolling the whole thing out. Thanks to their hard work, the Class of '67 fielded an Independence Day Masterpiece. We couldn't be prouder. Thanks Bruce, Marilyn, Fred and crew!

We're sad to report that our float didn't win an award. But that doesn't diminish our pride.

Here's the winning entry...


'Nuff said.

Our Soundtrack

The Beatles first appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show in February, 1964, when we were in the ninth grade. The Beatles released Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band in May, 1967, our senior year. This was the golden age of rock & roll, and it gave us the soundtrack for our high school years.

Swipe through the album covers above, or take a trip through the '64-'67 WCOL playlist. It's guaranteed to bring back memories.

Classmate Resources

We have a bunch of classmate resources for you. There's the Upper Arlington High School Class of 1967 Facebook Group, almost 200 members and growing. There you'll find lots of pictures and videos. There's a playlist that shows all of the WCOL Hitline songs from our UAHS years. We have the 1967 Norwester in electronic form. We have all the individual senior pictures. There's a database of classmate contact information, which you can use by joining our Facebook Group, or you can opt out if you'd rather we not share your contact information. We have a listing of who came to the 50-year reunion. Also, an In Memoriam listing and a Military Service listing.

And now we have all of the 50-Year Reunion party pictures. You can see them here or at the UA'67 Facebook site.


These are UA'67 videos from various eras. Mike Lindner, husband of Sue Guesman Lindner, produced the 50th Reunion video. Thanks, Mike!

Select a title and hit 'Play.'

Go Bears!
Reunion Weekend Events
Have questions?  Want to help?  Contact us.
PDF version of the reunion weekend events calendar
These are the planning committees for the 50th Reunion Weekend.

Reunion Committee Chair ‒ Ed Seidel

Classmate Locating ‒ Robb Kraft, Marian Davis, Marilyn Frank, Gretchen Green

Decorating ‒ Sandi Finney, Dick Lee, Gretchen Green, Sue Clem McKenna

Entertainment ‒ Ron Desmond, Dianne Phillips Albrecht, Scott Gettinger, Rich Yepsen, Tim Redman

Food ‒ Dianne Phillips Albrecht, Marilyn Frank, Scott Gettinger

Float ‒ Bruce Frank, Judy Gilbert Coles

Golf ‒ Jean Sutermaster Sickles, Fred Schroeder

Pre-Party ‒ Dianne Phillips Albrecht, Scott Gettinger, Dick Lee, Fred Schroeder, Robb Kraft

Photography, Invitations ‒ Rich Yepsen

Souvenirs & T-Shirts ‒ Sue Clem McKenna, Judy Gilbert Coles, Tim Redman

Treasurer ‒ Phyllis Baker

Yearbook ‒ Phil Hawley

If you want to help, please contact us.

Remember WCOL?  Here are the titles from the weekly WCOL Hitlines for 1964-67.  This is the soundtrack of our high school years.
You can scroll quickly using the top index, and you can sort by clicking Artist/Title.
That naïve feeling of invincibility was shattered with the deaths of classmates we have loved.
Our classmates have left us, but we will never forget them.
These class members have served in the military. If you know of someone else who should be included here, please contact us.
We don't have email or postal addresses for these classmates. If you know how to find any of them, please contact us.
Here's who's coming to the reunion so far. If you're coming, too, please contact us, and we'll add you to the list.

We use your Facebook account to identify you. If you're logged in to Facebook, and you're a member of the Upper Arlington High School Class of 1967 Facebook group, then you'll see more detailed contact information for your classmates.

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If you don't do Facebook, and you don't want to start, no biggie. You just won't see classmates' contact info here.

We won't share your contact information with anyone other than your classmates. If you don't want us to share your contact infomation with your classmates, please contact us and tell us so.